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Strategy, Organisation Development and Culture Change
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  In Powerful Partnership 

"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking" 

George Patton



Where are you now?
Where do you want to be?
What do you need next?

Is it a focus on strategy? Clarity on your vision and mission? Understanding your environment? Market trends/drivers? Customers or competitors? Perhaps its a strategic change programme or bringing your people together to work on culture change.

Whatever it is, I come alongside you, listen, and ask questions to understand both where you are now and where you want to be. Together we come up with new ideas and approaches to help move you forward. I combine my professional experience as a strategist with my own powers of intuition, compassion and playfulness to inject fresh ideas and ways forward. Read more about my approach here.

Curious to explore further?

Culture Change

Thriving people = thriving organisations = a world of potential

What is it that you want more of?
Attempting culture change work on your own is hard. You are part of a complex system and labyrinth of cultural norms, rules, behaviours, and assumptions. Trying to affect change from the inside alone consumes vast amounts of energy and resource and leaves you exposed to your own blind spots. Equally, those appealing, shiny, off-the-shelf solutions just won't deliver in the long term simply because they absolve you of doing the work required.

I partner with you in an adult-to-adult capacity; being fully ‘in-it’ and alongside you as we do the work. My colleagues at Lacerta Consulting have a beautiful way of describing it; they describe it as moving with you 'dancing on the edge of support and challenge, inclusion and exclusion, same and difference'.  

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”
Peter Drucker


What Clients Say...

"It is fabulous to having the benefit of your wisdom, sensitivity and amazing clarity of thought"

Dr Lucy Henshall, Welcome back to Work


In the Spotlight
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Fearless Organisation Scanning

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Practical Things



Agile tools and approaches to enliven strategic dialogue and enactment.

Release the individual and collective power of your people. Book a free call to explore psychological safety, inclusion and belonging.

Access practical tools and insights to help scaffold change.

 Here is a short list of some of the books that influence my work. 

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Any royalties received from your purchase goes towards funding the Mindfulness teaching I do in schools.


“In any hour you can chose to liberate your future” 

Marilyn Ferguson 
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