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 About me 

 Emily King - Consultant, Coach and Co-creator 
...let's explore...

Who Am I?

I’m a humble human being, a lifelong learner, and lover of life. I love working with people, reading, playing sport, gardening and crafting.

I have worked my way from basement to boardroom aid of a global education provider, sat on multiple boards, lead cross-functional teams, and managed a multi-million £ change program and a range of product portfolios.

I have and continue to have the pleasure of working and growing alongside some wonderful people, including some of the very best consultants, coaches, and change experts in the industry, many of whom are friends and mentors.

Originally from the East of England, I grew up in a large family – interacting with people of all ages. I now live on the Cambridgeshire Fen with my husband and three daughters. 

I began working independently in 2016 when I decided to explore new ways of living and working in balance with my young family. At the time my youngest daughter was experiencing Reflex Anoxic Seizures and it was clear that as a family we needed someting to give. Since then I have been supporting clients to grow and manage change - collaborating with fellows, mentors, and coaches; learning, unlearning, and relearning and getting to grips with the fine art of consultancy. Thankfully my daughter is well and thriving.

It's been a period of deep and expansive personal inquiry. Through doing 'the work' myself I have learned first-hand what it means to be human, to be vulnerable and feel it all; working through difficulty into emergence. I get that at times it can be anxiety provoking and I understand the value of surrounding yourself with professionals able to offer a careful balance of high support and high challenge - helping you lead for the changes you want to see. 

Helping others to release their power and do great work gives me joy. I bring my whole self, mind, body and soul to my professional practice.   


Read more about my approaches and vision.



Continuous development and reflective practice are important aspects of my work. I hold various qualifications and certifications and work with my own coach, industry peers, mentors and under supervision too.

  • Graduate Certificate in Organisational Development, Sussex University

  • One of Many™ Women's Leadership Coach

  • Trained teacher of MiSP .b and paws b mindfulness programs

  • Reiki Practitioner Level 1

  • CIM Diploma in Marketing

  • BSc Psychology Top-Up University of Stafford

  • BA Honours Degree in English Literature (EU) University of Leicester and University of Stuttgart


My Vision

"I dream of a world...

...that is equitable, ethically profitable, sustainable, and built upon social capital.

A world in which everyone that wants to be, is seen, heard, supported, and encouraged to grow -

to be themselves, to thrive, to create the life they want to live, and bring their brilliance into the world...


...a world where teams work together, collaborate, care for, and challenge one another in such a way that builds connection, resilience, and agility, and releases the possibility of their collective potential;

...and where leaders are supported to co-create the conditions where everyone can do their very best work." 

"Releasing the power and potential of purpose led people and teams is what drives my work"

This work is open to anyone and everyone that has the curiosity to explore and grow; I work in the corporate space helping organisations and teams operate at their very best; scaffolding and supporting positive generative change. I also operate a flexible rate card for individuals, charities, and those self-funding. I always have gifted spaces available for community programs.


What are you up to?
What's possible?
Who cares?

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