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My Approach

Methodologies, influences and features
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"When you focus solely on problems,
you get more problems.

When you focus on possibilities,
you have more opportunities" 

Zig Ziglar


My Approach

I have a broad range of tools, influences and methodologies which I draw upon in my work. I meet you where you are at to design a programme of work unique to you / your team and setting. My aim is to be fully present with you; awake and alert.  This means that I pay particular attention to looking after my own needs, and work under supervision. This helps me ensure that I am personally resourced and in full service to you.


I also work with, and collaborate with industry experts, and mentors on large scale projects and system wide change. Please do reach out if you would like to explore collaborating in some way.


I believe that relationships are fundamental to human flourishing. I aim to build and maintain relationships based upon a strong and mutual foundation of trust, respect, and commitment. 


Methodologies and Influences


- Appreciative inquiry

- Dialogic approaches

- Strengths based work

- Action inquiry

-- Positive psychology

- Neuroscience

- Human systems dynamics

- Nature

- Storytelling

 - Mindfulness

- Movement

- Crafting

Programme Features

The programmes I design all have the following features;


- a clear beginning and end

- focus on creating the right environment

- use dialogic methods to enable robust and meaningful conversations

- use appreciative and positive methodologies

- utilise proven tools for sense making 

- offer high levels of support and challenge

- are delivered with calm compassion

-- and are creative in essence

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"We live in worlds our questions

David Cooperider
...let's explore...
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