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Creative Workshops

Creative workshops for individuals, teams and communities
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Connection, Creativity, Playfulness

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

Albert Einstein

Creative Workshops

How much time do you give yourself to play and experiment with your creativity?

We are all naturally creative, playful, and resourceful.
Our logical brain can trick us into thinking that creativity is reserved for those naturally gifted and talented. 

Uncovering and becoming playful with our own natural creative abilities can help us thrive and find new levels of fulfillment in our personal and professional lives. Collectively, we can create new innovative ways forward – particularly useful when dealing with complex problems and uncertainty.

In an age where artificial intelligence is becoming the norm and 'wicked’ problems abound creativity is a magical ingredient in unlocking new possibilities and accessing infinite potential.

I work with a team of creative consultants and coaches designing and facilitating workshops unique to your needs and lines of inquiry – both individual and group.

Workshops can be delivered in a variety of ways, on site at your workplace, community settings, in nature and on-line.

Together we create the right environment for your team and community to get present, connect in new ways and open up generative ways of thinking and being.

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Online workshops for individuals

- up to 6 people

- delivered via zoom

- 2hrs – including reflection

Online workshops for intact teams

- up to 12 people

- delivered via zoom

- 2.5hrs  - including reflection

On-site workshop for teams

- up to 30 people

- ½ day


Off-site workshops for teams and communities

- up to 30 people

- ½ day spread over a day with nourishing lunch

Benefits of creative workshops

Deepen your connection with yourself and others

Nurture a beginner's mind

Explore not knowing

Unlock new ways of being

Awaken intuitive and creative abilities

Tap into the power of the collective


Improve wellbeing

Tune into the magic

Have fun!


What Clients Say...

"Emily has all the qualities that make a big difference in forward thinking companies: teamwork, foresight, creativity, change management, vision and a passion for excellence. I love working with her".

Mike, CEO



“Reviving the creative genius in you is the beginning of orbit”

Gordon MacKenzie

...let's begin... explore ...

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