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It’s an uncertain world out there. We are facing complex global challenges, of economy, environment, pandemic, and war. It is volatile and ambiguous. The impact is being felt globally, nationally, locally, and individually. Some people are in flow and others are experiencing huge disturbance. The call to continue our evolution, do things differently, reframe our thinking, is being felt by many.

Are you leading a purpose-led, team or organisation leaning into opportunities and challenges?  Are you looking to nurture cultural patterns critical to business success?  Do you want to co-create environments in which everyone can thrive?

Perhaps you are an individual looking to develop your leadership, increase your presence, amplify your impact or grow exponentially. Maybe, you're in survival mode, yearning to thrive. Wherever you are at. It's ok.


Partnering with a professional consultant and coach can help you navigate both flow and disturbance.

So, if you are feeling the call to lead and to co-create thriving environments now is the time to partner, collaborate and write the next chapter.

Hi, I’m Emily. I’m an organisation consultant and leadership coach. 

I work with individuals and teams leading change and I’m delighted to see you here.

I believe that we all have our own inner sources of power, wisdom and creativity. I also believe that when we couple this with the power, wisdom and creativity of others, magic happens.

I partner with private individuals, senior leaders and teams leading change. I bring my whole self to this work combining professional and personal experience and offering a range of consultancy and coaching services. 

I would love to hear from you and what you are up to. 

Please do reach out and book a free call to connect.



What Clients Say...

"You have laser-like skills in seeing what is going on both strategically and behaviourally"

Steve Holliday, Lacerta Consulting



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Strategy, Organisation Development and Culture Change Services for Organisations 



Executive, Women’s Leadership and Group Coaching for individuals and organisations



.b and Pause b Mindfulness courses for Children age 7-18 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Adults.

Creative Workshops


Creative workshops and events for companies, teams and individuals.


The future is full of possibility...

...let's explore...
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