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Mindfulness programmes for children and adults. 
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 Curiosity, Awareness, Compasssion

"In between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom"

Victor Frankl


All change begins with awareness. 

Mindfulness is all about awareness, care, and choice. By practicing simple techniques we can develop a way of being in wise and purposeful relationship with ourselves and our experience that opens doors to new possibilities.

By paying attention to what is happening in the present moment with an open mind, curiosity, and compassion we can see more clearly and respond wisely. We learn to rest with comfort and ease in the present moment.

I offer a range of programmes for children and adults and incorporate mindfulness principles into my consulting and coaching practice.

Read more about my journey with mindfulness below

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Courses for:

  • 7-11 year olds

  • 11-18 years olds

  • Adults

Mindfulness Programmes

Paws b for  7-11 year olds
.b for 11-16 year olds

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Adults

Books for Children and Adults


'Paws b' and '.b' programmes for children

Flexible and engaging PSHE courses developed by Mindfulness in School Project.

Both courses can be taught in 6 or 12 lessons of 30mins or 1hr in any educational setting where safeguarding measures are in place. All courses are fully mapped to the PSHE curriculum.


-    Promotes wellbeing and resilience
-    Teaches children how to calm and regulate their nervous system
-    Improves concentration and attention
-    Helps children understand the basics of the human brain and the way it works
-    Encourages choiceful, informed decision making

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

8-week course for adults seeking to manage stress and maintain clarity. Our minds are full of traps that we can easily fall into – particularly when we are stressed or depleted in some way. We can find ourselves tying ourselves up in knots - going over past situations, worrying about the future or catastrophising, or fearing that we are not enough.  

Simple mindfulness techniques can help you ground and maintain clarity of thought and action. Helping you see things as they really are – not as you hope or fear they might be.


Here is a short list of books for both children and adults.


I am an affiliate of, an independent alternative to Amazon. Any royalties received from your purchases goes towards funding the Mindfulness teaching I do in schools.



What Clients Say...

“Children became less distracted in lessons and were able to concentrate for longer periods of time”




My Journey with Mindfulness 



I stepped into a Buddhist monastery at the age of 16 whilst studying religion, philosophy and ethics. The clarity and simplicity of the stillness was awe inspiring.

I went on to explore meditation in my early 20s as a means of releasing suffering from thoughts that were not serving me. I experienced first-hand the freedom OF thought and FROM thought. The more I let go, the more connectivity I experienced. The more I focused only on what was in my control the more freedom, connection, and growth I experienced. And with that more peace too.

I came across the lighter practices of mindfulness a few years later. It led to the re-emergence and strengthening of my earlier practice and offered me smaller bite-sized ways of incorporating regular practice into my daily life. I first trained to teach mindfulness to equip my children with these simple and fabulous tools.

I now give my time to teach the renowned Mindfulness in Schools Curriculum in local primary and secondary schools, and use a variety of mindfulness based techniques in my consulting and coaching practice.

Zen Stones

“Be here now” 

Ram Dass  

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