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Executive, Leadership & Group Coaching
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 Clarity and Grace

"Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changng myself" 




What is calling for your attention right now? 
What are you curious about?

Coaching all begins with you – your questions, your dreams, your desires. Together we engage in an extraordinarily powerful partnership in which we uncover learnings, release stuck patterns, and co-create fresh options for action; inviting deep and lasting change. 

I coach people from the belief that we all have our own inner sources of power, wisdom, and creativity. You are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole.

I am here to listen to you and ask questions that encourage reflection, increase awareness and release those pesky patterns that can keep you stuck – helping you to create deep and lasting change. This is space and time dedicated to you.

I bring the full breadth of my experience and expertise to every session to aid you in your inquiry – offering a carefully balanced combination of support and challenge.

Find out how coaching is delivered?

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Coaching Services



Leadership Coaching

Women's Leadership Coaching



Executive Coaching

I support and challenge you in your thinking as you explore professional and personal issues. So often senior leaders feel isolated, and under pressure to come up with solutions to complex problems alone. I help you articulate what is going on and think through strategic issues, personal dilemmas and different approaches to working in VUCA environments.

My creative studio on the Cambridgeshire fen is a place where you can step out of the 'busyness' of organisational life and into nature; recharge and think differently.


Leadership Coaching 

How are you showing up? What impact are you having? 

We all lead in our lives. I am here to support you in your own life journey. I draw on coaching models, leadership theory and my own lived experience to support you in whatever way I can. I am trained to notice and listen to you at a deep level and ask powerful questions that encourage self-discovery and unlock fresh action.

Women’s Leadership Coaching 

Step into your power with grace  

Tap into your inner sources of power, wisdom, and grace. As a certified One of Many™ Women's Leadership coach, I have a bank of practical tools and approaches that I combine with my own lived experience and executive coaching to help you on your journey to a fulfilling and joyful existence.

Chairs in a circle in an empty dark studio room. One chair stands out. The concept of lead

Group Coaching 

Want to grow and learn together?


Group coaching is a powerful way of facilitating learning and discovery. Participants benefit from high levels of safety, support and challenge and the diverse perspectives of the group. It’s a great way to lean into complex problems and develop leadership skills.


How is coaching delivered?

The important thing is that the method of delivery is congruent with the work - whatever we decide that to be. There are plenty of modes to play with and adapt. Here is a taster

1:1 coaching via zoom or in person
Alongside Coaching in the workplace - working with you and dynamics as they unfold
Coaching in nature – in the outdoors
Voxbox tech enabled and live in the moment
Group Coaching in learning sets or group programmes.



What Clients Say...

"The coaching journey with Emily has been full of learnings and discoveries. Truly transformational"




“Find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible”

Deepak Chopra explore ...

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