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Coaching in Nature

Truth comes from the observation of nature
...let's explore...

 Get present and tune in

“Everything in nature invites us to be what we are”

Gretel Ehrlich

Coaching in Nature

Not only does nature offer us a safe, nourishing place to be, it also offers up many lessons and great teachings. It is a place where we can ease in, get present, and explore.

I am delighted to offer up my creative studio on the Cambridgeshire fen as a base for ‘Coaching in Nature’. It’s a place where clients and busy executives can step out of the 'busyness' of organisational/family life and create some space and time to see and think differently.

The beautiful, harmonious and expansive fen provides a safe place, free from judgement where we can walk, talk, reflect and replenish. The endless horizons, quite wildlife and expansive skies offer a source of infinite inspiration. 

Here you will have the opportunity to relax and inquire, explore different perspectives and expand your awareness. It’s a wonderful environment in which to renew your thinking and generate fresh action.


How to book?

Existing clients can book time at the studio directly. Request a link to book.

Half-day and full-day slots are available and there are a number of local accommodation options for those wishing to add restorative, rest, and sleep into the mix. Just ask for info when you request a link.




What Clients Say...

“It was great to walk in the beautiful countryside around your creative studio and reflect. Your thoughtful responses gave structure and purpose to my current executive challenges – both short and long-term, and has equipped me with a framework to progress and grow.  Many thanks for your excellent support”

Liam, Director of Learning and Innovation


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