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Psychological Safety

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"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking" 

George Patton



Psychological Safety

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I'm a strategy and organisational change consultant and leadership coach. I offer a range of consultancy and coaching services, designing and delivering unique programmes to support you in your work.

My aim is to come alongside you and partner with you as you go about your work. I offer high levels of support and challenge designed to help you lead change.

Projects of scale are delivered in collaboration with fellows in the industry.


Services include:

Strategy and culture change consultancy

Leadership coaching

Thought partnership

1:1 coaching - traditional and alongside in the workplace

Group coaching


Fearless organisation scanning

Read more about my methodology, approach and influences here.

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What Clients Say...

"This is true facilitation; responding to the needs of the group. Just brilliant"

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Effective strategy is flowing, dynamic, real and responsive. It's relevant to the present moment, and taps into what is emerging.  It is awake, aware, and living; shaped by, enacted and embodied by the people.

I offer a range of tools and approaches geared towards enlivening your strategic dialogue and enactment.

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Fearless Organisation Scanning

Creating 'Psychological Safety' is a bedrock of leadership practice and team effectiveness. 

The Fearless Organisation Scan based upon the work of Harvard Professor Amy Edmondson offers a great 'way in' for  anyone curious about co-creating the conditions of human flourishing. Its also super helpful for leaders seeking to benchmark and support their teams progress.

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Practical Things

In a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world where  wicked challenges prevail simple tools can really help us build shared understanding, make decisions and lead the way to action; i.e. respond creatively to uncertainty and complexity and scaffold change!

This area of the site contains practical tools and insights to help clients and teams both in their personal reflective practice and out in the field of play.


 Here is a short list, of some of my favourite books that inspire and influence my work. 

I am an affiliate of

(an independent alternative to Amazon).

Any royalties received from purchases you make via this link goes towards funding the mindfulness teaching that I do in schools

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