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MBSR : Mindfulness
Based Stress Reduction

Practice mindfulness with coach and consultant Emily King, through workshops, online classes and one-to-one sessions. 
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"In between stimulus and response there is a space"

Victor Frankl

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness can give you the tools to refocus your mindset & reclaim your desired life. It can help you feel calmer, think clearly and respond wisely, with confidence, even in challenging situations. 

You can change your awareness to a different state, and learn to overcome the mental chatter that we all experience. 


Mindfulness practice can help you see things as they really are - rather than as you hope or fear they might be.

How can I help you achieve your goals?


My name is Emily King and I support both groups and individuals in their pursuit of wellness through the application of mindfulness.

I start with an initial assessment of your needs to tailor my teaching to support you in your goals. I am trained to notice and listen to you at a deep level. Asking questions that encourage reflection, challenge assumptions, increase awareness, release stuck patterns and stimulate new thoughts and forward momentum.

Read more about mindfulness and my personal journey here

Tailored sessions for:

  • Groups

  • One to ones

Available for:

  • Corporate bookings

  • Private sessions

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Mindfulness in Schools

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Mindfulness Services

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"It was fantastic to see the children grow and learn more about themselves as they worked through the Mindfulness course.  Children became less distracted in lessons and were able to concentrate for longer periods of time. I witnessed a child using Mindfulness techniques to regulate his behaviour in stressful situations. Another child used some of the techniques to ease his anxiety and it became part of his everyday routine. All the children became more confident discussing their feelings. All children (and adults) would benefit from these lessons."

Y6 Teacher



What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a way of being in wise and purposeful relationship with our experience - both inwardly and outwardly.

It's about awareness, care and choice. It's paying attention to what's happening in the present moment, with an open mind, curiosity and kindness, enabling us to see more early and respond more skilfully. It can help us see things as they really are - rather than as we hope or fear they might be.

Connecting with the here and now and the full range of human experience with friendly interest, can help us feel calmer, think clearly and respond wisely and with confidence, even in challenging situations. 

"Through regular practice we learn to inhabit and make sense of the clarity, discernment, ethical understanding and awareness that arise from tapping into one's own deep and innate interior resources for learning, growing, healing and transformation"

All Party Parliamentary Group Report 2015


My Journey with Mindfulness 


I stepped into a buddhist monastry at the age of 16 whilst studying religion, philosophy, theology, and ethics. The clarity and simplicity of the stillness was awe inspiring.


A few years later in my early twenties I explored meditation as a means of releasing suffering from thoughts that were not serving me. I came into a state of being where I experienced first-hand the power of freedom FROM thought and OF thought. The more I let go, the more connectivity I experinced and the more I focused only on what was within my control and aligned with my values, the more freedom, connection and growth I experienced. And with that... 

- more joy too.

I came across the lighter practices of mindfulness a few years later when I met the wonderful, experienced practitioner Jayne Dunsbee. Our conversations were full of delight and alignment. It led to the re-emergence and strengthening of my early practice and offered me smaller bite size ways of incorporating regular practice into my daily life.

I trained to teach mindfulness in order to share all of this goodness with my children.

I trained alongside teachers and curriculum leaders which opened my eyes to how much education professionals were calling for these practical tools in classrooms and learning environments.

I now give my time to teach the Mindfulness in Schools Curriculum in local primary and secondary schools and never cease to be amazed by the transformations I witness. It is simply one of the most rewarding things I do.

 I am also training to bring Mindfulness Based Stress Management to adults too.

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