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Helping you to connect
and create the
life you

Are you One of Many Women ready for a change?

Ready to step out of overwhelm and into

Searching for purpose and fulfilment without compromise?

I coach women from all walks of life and professions; from grassroots leaders, mums, teachers, GPs, professionals, senior leaders and executives helping them find empowering, sustainable and fulfilling ways of living and working.

Dependent on what it is that is calling for your attention, I use a combination of tools and approaches to meet you where you are at.

I draw upon my own intuition combined with my own lived leadership experience, One of Many tools and exec coaching to help you create the life you want; moving forward calmly and confidently.


What do you want?
What are you doing about it?
How is that helping or not helping?
What is the first next step you could take? explore coaching...


"Start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can"


"In any hour
you can chose
to liberate your future"

Marilyn Ferguson

What Clients Say...

"So positive and transformative"


...manage stress, avoid burnout,
step out of overwhelm

...get out of the way of everyday drama and step into your full power

...stay calm and centered and live life from a place of joy. transition between your multiple roles and show up fully as you intend in each situation

Pick up practical tools and support to...


"Find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible" 

Deepak Chopra
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