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Impact and Presence

Updated: May 7, 2022

We are always in relationship - internally within ourselves and externally with our environment -whatever and whomever we are present with, It is ‘I’ that creates my own reality, you that holds yours – together in the middle we have ‘MWE’ that creates something combined. So to raise the vibration and human consciousness we have to begin at home, secure our own oxygen mask, - the ‘I’ - speak and think kindly of ourselves, value OUR worth, our whole selves – own and love all the parts of us that want to be seen and heard, light and dark and tend to them compassionately so that we are more able to connect and engage externally in a fully adult, equitable, empowered and positive way. Leading for the futures we want to see. Wholeness and all that Jazz - INTERNAL WHOLENESS and EXTERNAL ONENESS – connectivity and authenticity.

Authenticity of our full humbled humanness - From that place we have full access to 'USE OF SELF' to amplify and positively disrupt. We are always in a dance with our environment somethings and/or someones - how we show up is a 'move' and it will always invite a counter-move, a response and so on. Masculine and feminine energies intertwined and playing together.

'Impact' – 1. ‘the action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another’ - masculine energy. Push – it’s the droplet of water that penetrates the surface of the pool and carries on south – continuing to penetrate and forcing things to move out of its way both beneath and around.

‘Impact’ - 2. ‘a marked effect or influence’ – feminine energy. The gentle, rippling and widening concentric circles on the surface of the water that grow, widen, expand and pass on to the next – acceptance, amplification, growth, nurture, reverberations, connectivity, collaboration widening and enveloping oneness. The aura of the universe. # Magic

Holding space for generative conversations, tapping into all our energies, our whole selves – brings the magic of the universe - that oneness – it is abundant and beautiful, provocative and evocative.

A combination of masculine push and feminine pull energies – of advocacy AND inquiry. Equitability.

And when in balance we have presence, grace and parity. Rest well, be at peace x

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