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The Creative Studio

I am delighted to offer up my Creative Studio to clients and busy executives

seeking some space, and time out to get present and think differently.

Its a beautiful space nestled in the harmonious and expansive Cambridgeshire Fen where you can come, slow down, and be at one with yourself and nature's rhythms.

You are invited to come, walk talk, replenish and reflect. Together, with me and alone you will have the opportunity to nourish, reconnect, explore and open up opportunities for renewed thinking and fresh action.

It's an environment in which I support and challenge you to do your very best work.

Existing clients can book time at the studio via the log-in area above.

Half day and full day slots are available and there are a number of local accommodation options available for those wishing to add restorative, rest and sleep into the mix.

This is your permission slip to take some time out from the day to day  busyness, for yourself to replenish, nourish and think differently. Lead on.


Walk, talk...
Nourish, replenish
See things differently
Generate fresh options for action

What Clients Say...

"Emily has all the qualities that make a big difference in forward thinking companies: teamwork, foresight, creativity, change management, vision and a passion for excellence. I love working with her".

Mike, CEO

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