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How are you showing up?

What impact are you having?

What are you leading for?

My dear friend and fellow collaborator Steve Holliday describes leadership as a 'craft'. Its a beuatiful description of what is a lifelong apprenticeship in adulting.

Vertical leadership is indeed a craft. Its all about levels of awareness; becoming awake and aware, paying attention to who we are being in a given moment, and the impact we are having so that we can positively influence change.  

I create a safe, non-judgmental space where you can explore and develop your craft.

I am trained to notice and listen to you at a deep level.

Asking questions that encourage reflection, challenge assumptions, increase awareness, release stuck patterns and stimulate new thoughts and forward momentum.

Coaching is all about powerful conversation.

A conversation built on a firm foundation of trust. At its very best it's an extraordinarily powerful partnership in which we surface new levels of awareness and co-create fresh options for action.

The International Coaching Federation define it as 

"partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential".

...lets explore...

What Clients Say...

"So positive and transformative"


In the Spotlight
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The Creative Studio

 The Creative Studio is a little haven set in the beautiful expansiveness of the Cambridgeshire Fen. It's a place where busy executives can create some space, slow down, get present and think differently.


This is your permission slip to create space and time for yourself to explore, and tap into your own wisdom and creativity.

Busting the Myths of Leadership

We all lead in our lives. Busting Myths is a not for profit programme run with fellow collbaorator Steve Holliday of Lacerta Consulting.

The next round of Busting Myths is taking place in person in Cambridgeshire. It is open to anyone and everyone curious about their leadership and impact.

Leadership and Empowerment Programmes for Women

Successful and high performing teams have more women in them. Organisations are proven to be up to 50% more successful if they have women on their boards.
Organisations recognise that the conditions of VUCA world and WICKED problems require more creativity, connection, agility, and innovation; all attributes that women in particular have in abundance. 

And yet more women than ever before are burning out, leaving their chosen career paths and becoming stuck in survival mode. More women ARE participating at board level but the change is slow and health and wellbeing is often compromised.
That's not right.

I am proud to be a One of Many Women's Leadership coach supporting women leading for change that benefits all.

Books on Leadership and Change

A short list of some of my favourite leadership and change books that inspire and influence my work.

I am an affiliate of

(an independent alternative to Amazon).

Any royalties received from purchases you make goes towards funding the mindfulness teaching that I do in local schools


"Yesterday I was clever,
so I wanted to change
the world.
Today I am wise,
so I am changing

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